ART1: Puppet Arts

Mentors: Bart Roccoberton, Director, Puppet Arts, and a Puppet Arts student, TBA

Are you a Dancer? Sculptor? Cartoonist? Writer? Mechanical Engineer? Musician? Actor? Painter? Theatrical Designer? Storyteller? Do you feel limited by choosing only one creative expression? Would you rather see your sculpture move, or create characters for your story, or dance in a way that the human form cannot realize, or develop a mechanism that will cause an audience to react with joy or sadness, compassion, or fear? The Puppet Arts are the crossroads of all creative expression. Are you familiar with the puppets seen on Sesame Street, Avenue Q, and Spiderman II? Wonder how they were designed and made? Look no further! Many were designed and made by the alumni of the Puppet Arts program at UConn, which is directed by Bart Roccoberton. If you choose this site, you will have the opportunity to work in the puppet labs and studios to design, build, and perform with several types of puppets, which you will take home after the program is finished! The Puppet Arts program is unique—UConn is the only university in the country that offers three different degrees in the art of puppetry. Graduates of the program go on to perform in and design for theaters around the world; perform for, build for, and manage internationally recognized TV programs and film; teach children; and direct prominent schools and museums. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to explore a career in the creative and varied world of puppetry!

Watch Bart Roccoberton’s UConn Talk on youtube!