Digital Media and Design

DMD1: Digital Media & Design

Mentors: Tim Hunter, Director, Digital Media Center (DMC) and Digital Media & Design (DMD) Department Head; Mike Vertefeuille, Associate Department Head, DMD

Have you ever wondered who makes the amazing visual effects we see in film, video, television shows, or the internet? Are you curious to know how those effects are made? How about video games? Curious as to how they are made? What about motion activated interactive media? Do you like to draw, make art, make videos, take digital photographs, text with your friends, surf the net, post to Facebook, explore Pinterest, or tweet with your friends? If so, you should check us out—we are the folks who do all of this amazing stuff! We are the Digital Media & Design program at UConn and if you decide to join us this summer, we can take you on an amazing journey of discovery in all of the areas we mentioned above! Digital Media is the stuff that populates our smart devices, tablets, computers, video screens, and movie theaters. It is the practice of communicating a story, message, or detailed information through a creative combination of imagery, animation, text and sound. Digital Media has distinguished itself as the fastest, most effective way to convey a complex idea in a simple and understandable fashion in business, science, technology and entertainment. The faculty of the Digital Media & Design Department at UConn are all industry professionals and practitioners who wield the latest tools and techniques to create award-winning design projects for companies around the world, Take part in this exciting opportunity and come spend some of your summer in our newly designed, state-of-the-art Digital Media & Design labs—explore our technology and software and begin to learn the techniques that will bring your imagination and ideas to life in the digital realm.

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