UMC Experience- On Hiatus for Summer 2016

Stay tuned for more information about Summer 2017.

What is UConn Mentor Connection?

UConn Mentor Connection is a four-week, residential summer program for academically talented secondary students at the University of Connecticut. This year the program will run from July 12- August 7, 2015.

Mentor Connection has been designed to provide students with opportunities to participate in creative projects and research investigations under the supervision of university mentors. These mentors will work directly with high school students from across the state and the country on projects in common areas of interest. The program is challenging and motivational because participants are involved in research or creative projects currently taking place at the university. The four-week stay on campus will give students a preview of the college experience.

The mission of the program is reflected in four goals:

  1. To recruit highly motivated, academically talented teenagers from throughout the nation who can benefit from a stimulating summer program.
  2. To allow students to achieve their highest potential by participating in experiential research projects that provide direct, apprentice-based involvement with faculty members and advanced graduate students who are conducting research.
  3. To increase students’ awareness about their career opportunities in a chosen field and options to nurture their talents.
  4. To demonstrate that high-level talent potential can be found and developed across cultural, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups.

What will students get out of the program?

As a participant in UConn Mentor Connection, students will:

  • Take on the role of the practicing professional.
  • Experience real-world research.
  • Challenge and feed their creative abilities.
  • Develop a collaborative relationship with mentors in their area of interest.
  • Enhance their awareness of their talent areas and career opportunities.
  • Interact with students who share common interests.
  • Experience college life and the nature of research in their selected field.
  • Have an opportunity to present their research to peers and mentor(s).
  • Potentially earn University of Connecticut credit, providing specific requirements are met.