GEO1: Maps, Mashups, and New Digital Worlds: Exploring the Frontiers of Geography and Geographic Information Science

Mentor: Dr. Ken Foote, Professor and Department Head, Geography

Dr. Foote’s interests are in cartography and geographic information science, particularly Internet-based applications; American and European landscape history, focusing on public memory and commemoration; and issues of geography in higher education, particularly instructional technologies

Rapid innovations in geographic information science (GI Science) stretch across the social and natural sciences and extend into the humanities, business, law, and many other fields.  These innovations include web mapping; map mashups; 3-D mapping and virtual reality; mobile mapping and location-based services; and new developments in ubiquitous and pervasive computing.  This mentorship site focuses especially on creating map mashups for customized maps with original data in Google Maps, Google Earth and ArcGIS Online.  Anyone with an interest in Geography or Environmental Studies should consider this site.