Institute of Materials Science

IMS1: Stimuli Responsive Nanomaterials: Liquid Crystalline Polymers

Mentor: Dr. Rajeswari Kasi, Associate Professor of Polymer Program within the Institute of Materials Science and Chemistry Department

A liquid crystal phase has physical attributes of a liquid but possess some molecular order similar to solids. This combination of properties of liquids and solids within liquid crystals affords unique anisotropic optical properties. These anisotropic properties can be further tuned in the presence of thermal, electrical, magnetic and optical stimuli for applications in LC displays, robotics, actuators, neural tissue engineering and biological delivery vehicles. In this mentorship site, you will learn to synthesize new liquid crystalline polymers and explore change in optical, mechanical, thermal properties in the presence and absence of various external fields and build the new electro-optical and mechano-thermo-chromic devices.