Program at a Glance- On Hiatus for Summer 2016

Stay tuned for more information about Summer 2017.

Mentorship Sites

Please take a look at our 2015 Mentorship Sites

Application Process:

Completed applications must be submitted by March 13, 2015 and are evaluated by a team of educators who closely examine materials to determine a student’s compatibility for the intended site, as well as the program as a whole.

NOTE: We will continue accepting applications until March 27. However, application review will begin on March 16, and some sites may be filled before late applications arrive. Please submit applications as soon as possible.

The application can be accessed online this year.

PLEASE NOTE that you are able to save and continue your progress at a later time if you are using the same computer and have not cleared your cookies.  

If you are unable to use the same computer as the one on which you begin this application at a later date, please be sure you have ALL of the following information before you begin as your information will not be saved if you stop before submitting the full application:

  • Parent/guardian phone and email address
  • Guidance counselor and principal email addresses
  • Two references’ names and email addresses
  • Essays in PDF format
  • Mentorship site choices
  • Parent/guardian 2014 tax return information (if applying for financial aid online; you may mail a separate application if you prefer)
  • Transcript and test scores

Scholarship and Funding:

Scholarships may be available for students who have a financial need.

Please contact us for more information.