Student Testimonials:

“…We all came to this program with fears, expectations, excitement, and apprehensions, and we will leave with satisfaction and our summer goals realized…”

“…I feel that the major benefits of Mentor Connection were the excellent, hands-on experience that I got in the lab, the vast knowledge that I gained from my site, the opportunity to interact with other cultures, and the feeling of actually being in college…”

“My mentors were wonderful and I really enjoyed working with them. I liked being able to work on the experiment rather than watch it.”

“…I learned a lot about professionalism and dedication from my mentor…”

“I am now a junior in college and I feel that my first exposure to research was in my mentor’s lab during Mentor Connection and I wanted to let you know how important and cool I think it was to be exposed to research while in high school.”

“…I was able to gain first-hand experience in a groundbreaking area of research…”

“…I really got a lot of information and an understanding of the Puppetry program from the UCONN MC and I am so glad I got to have that experience, it really affected my choices and what I looked at in a college, plus it was incredibly fun…”

“…The presence of my mentors and those of ‘higher knowledge’ than myself has given me pride, confidence and even a little awe. It is wonderful to work with professionals, it is very rewarding…”

Parent Testimonials:

“As a parent who has shopped a wide range of summer programs, I must congratulate you on your program. My son had a fantastic experience with his mentor, and is ecstatic over the research he worked on in his lab.”

“I can’t thank you enough for the opportunity you gave to my son. It has literally changed his life. He looks forward to applying next year and seeing his friends again.”